How To Make Bacon

Candied Braised Slab Bacon

If you’ve never had candied bacon, slab bacon, or braised bacon, guess friggin what?
I proudly present: ALL of the best bacon attributes in one amazing recipe!

Step 1: Buy Bacon
No, not those bookmarks in annoying vaccuum-sealed packaging.
Go to the meat counter and ask for slab bacon. Get at least a pound, you’ll get a lot of extra fat and rind that you won’t be consuming.
They have it at either Food Bazaar as well as at the Foodtown by Bedford and Metropolitan

Step 2: Slice into pieces about an inch or so wide

Step 3: Boil enough water to submerge the meat

Step 4: Place meat in the water in a covered pot and place into an oven at 290°
Leave in for about 2 hours

Step 5: Carefully remove from oven and take meat out of the pot

Step 6:Peel the rind off, which will be an easy task, as well as any extra fat

Step 7:You can now cover the meat with brown sugar which can also be mixed with additional spices of your choosing.
The brown sugar will start to caramelize on the meat.

Step 8: You can then place back into the oven (not in water) for about 10 minutes to allow the spices to sink into the meat

Step 9: Eat up!