Find an apartment in Bushwick using Craigslist

Welcome to the ultimate, awesome guide to using craigslist to find your dream apartment that is centrally located near the L train and a plethora of bars featuring beer&shot specials.

To use multiple words, include them in quotes, but you should stick to single word searches. “East Williamsburg” will only return East Williamsburg, but typing without quotes could possibly turn up East Flatbush, and nobody wants that.

Craigslist uses boolean operators. The most important are the pipes ‘ | ‘ above the enter key, and the dash ‘ ‘ next the 0 key.

The pipes mean ‘or.’ The search will return posts that include at least one of the words provided. Here’s how you would use this in action in the search bar:
Morgan|Jefferson awesome|sunny
This will return posts that include at least one word from both categories, such as ‘Awesome room by Jefferson,’ or ‘Totally not sunny cave-like Morgan loft

Since, according to craigslist, Bushwick includes BedStuy and Ridgewood and ‘East Williamsburg’ is basically all of Brooklyn and Connecticut, stick to using the train stops of your choice.

The dash will EXCLUDE any word that is attached to it. Type a space between all entries.
-railroad -“windowless hell” -bedstuy -stuyvesant -“single females only”
Be selective with those dashes, as -cats will both eliminate ‘we have 37 cats, they actually own the lease’ and ‘we hate cats, especially if they’re cute and fluffy.’

Always include both a minimum and a maximum price! It’s recommended to put a minimum of $400, to eliminate miscategorized short term rentals.

Good luck, and remember, every time you pay a realtor, they use the money to torture puppies.

Use and modify this handy cheat sheet:

Montrose|Morgan|Jefferson|Dekalb|Myrtle -railroad -sublet -halsey