NEW in DOOM/Stoner/Sludge, + NYC Debut!

WHAT where did all this come from? Lots of bands releasing shit, and not many sources reporting any of this so here you go…
I was gonna edit last week’s fall releases post, especially cuz I already don’t like the new Jag Panzer, but here’s a new post with just the DOOM.

Boston’s TEST MEAT released a debut demo/EP this spring, but just announced their NYC DEBUT coming up December 15 at Hank’s Saloon!

UK’s The Prophecy return yet again, but this time with a brand new take on doom, which is, definitely NOT heavy. Try it!

Polish stoner rockers CORRUPTION have returned with a 7 song release called Spleen, which is out TODAY! Addictive, fun, rockin.

Sweden’s ANTARKTIS release their debut TODAY! What’s that? The new project by the main In Mourning dudes! They can’t stop doing stuff!
For fans of Isis and Enslaved!

Other In Mourning side project Thenighttimeproject also released a new single! Here it is!

Also today, is the release from local NYC duo Spotlights, who open TONIGHT for Pelican at BK Bazaar! Amazingly NOT SOLD OUT YET. $17

From Rise Above, the label that brought us Uncle Acid, is ready to introduce you to R.I.P., which will likely remind you of Roadsaw (who presumably should be releasing a new album sometime soon), and say, Corruption! They also just released a new song from the album (coming out 10/13 next week) like a minute ago, so be the first on your block to hear this shit!

Portugal’s SINISTRO released a brand new song, as well as a Paradise Lost cover from their least-praised album ‘Host.’ Sinistro will be opening the European Paradise Lost tour happening this month.

AND of course, still hot off the presses of last week’s post, Portugal’s Process of Guilt released their new album ‘Black Earth.’

AND AGAIN, a special BONUS mention of Dutch band GOLD, who released ‘Optimist’ earlier this year. This band has members ex-The Devil’s Blood, so, there.

If you’re asking why Kadavar and Monolord aren’t in this post, the very fact that you’re asking that answers that question.

JUST cuz how often do I do a doom-ish post, here are some shows mostly coming up at Saint Vitus Bar:
10/6 Pelican @ BK Bazaar
10/9 Torche
10/11 Elder (sold out)
10/24 The Obsessed, Cobalt
10/28 Acid King, Unearthly Trance
10/28 Warning, Thou, Ruby the Hatchet @ Le Poisson Rouge
11/6 Bell Witch
12/15 Test Meat @ Hank’s Saloon

Good night everybody! Pelican!