NEW Bars,Cafes& GRAND Opening Friday 9.29

Jajaja I’ve been busy, but here’s the stuff you wanna know!

Bar grand opening of Mood Ring is tomorrow. They will have alcohol. It’s across from Gotham Lounge. 1260 Myrtle Ave.
Prices are somewhat…moderate compared to the dive-ier dives nearby, check the menu here.

101 Wilson has been killing it all summer with their super cheap dranks. Basically the party you thought you’d find at Mad Tropical-Nu Tandem (who doesn’t even HAVE a beer/shot special :O :O :O).

Sey Coffee opened a new cafe right by Morgan, it’s a pretty chill space with a somewhat limited menu. Drop in for an alternative to Swallow (still riding with their furniture that looks like it was free off craigslist…not that there’s anything wrong with that?…maybe there is).

Little Skips EAST has replaced Covert Coffee at 1643 Broadway. It’s cool, check it check it.

Brooklyn Doughnutry is serving donuts at 50 Malcolm X. If you’re a fan of Dough donuts (hint, I am not), these are pretty very super similar (large, dense, doughy).