TOP 15 Fall Music Releases

Woohoo, plenty to get excited about!
You’ll notice the mix of NEW and OLD names in this list. Listen to em all!

1. UK’s metal/metalcore superstars Architects have been killing it with their awesome production on tour, and have put out their first single since the death of their lead guitarist and songwriter.

2. After a 5-year ‘faemin,’ Portugal’s Process of Guilt returns with a new sludgy album consisting of five new songs of dark doom metal.

3. UK’s Caligula’s Horse return with their 2nd album ‘Contact.’ If you like proggy rock with clean guitar solos, you can’t go wrong.

4. Daydream IX, power metal from Brazil, over the top with intense drumming!

5. First and foremost, the brand new Thastrom album ‘Centralmassivet’ will be released. The two released singles are both awesome, and I expect just as much from the remaining seven songs! The previous album was an atmospheric, angsty masterpiece, of sorts. Definitely a step up from the last few albums.
6. On the chiller side, the new The World Is…(yada yada) album of indie/emo rock ‘Always Foreign’ will be released, and they have a Market Hotel date coming up in November, which could potentially sell out.
7. On the opposite end of the spectrum, with blazing guitars and high pitched vocals, Friday also sees the release of the ‘comeback’ album from USA power metal champions Jag Panzer.

8. Polish band Riverside’s singer/bassist/songwriter Duda is back with another Lunatic Soul album. The previous mostly ambient releases did not grab me, but it looks like a
noticeable improvement based on the two singles.
8. French djenters Gravity have a heavy album coming our way. Lead single ‘Noir’ shreds.

9. The follow up album ‘Midnight Champion’ from semi-high profile Icelandic electro-rock dudes Legend will finally be available. There are 2 singles so far, with a video to be released this Friday.

10. Canada’s Esmerine will return once again with their eerie experimental instrumental music. As I’ve been following them since their very first album, I’m pretty sure they will maintain high standards for this release, entitled ‘Mechanics Of Dominion.’

11. Quality of quantity, it’s been six years since the last Communic, and the Norwegian prog-power dudes return with a new album. Finally!

12. Does Moonspell need any introduction? Maybe. The Portugal band switches between ‘goth rock’ and melodic death metal. The last goth album was not so great, though the production was pretty solid. This one will supposedly be their heaviest album yet.
13. Finland’s Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus return with a reunion album. The Finnish band sings in their native language and is known for their epic lyrics and catchy songs.

14. You know about Electric Wizard. Everyone knows about Electric Wizard. What’s most noticeable here is the album title ‘Wizard Bloody Wizard.’ DOOM.

15. Don’t be a HATER and forget that releases don’t end in the middle of fall, when everyone already made their best-of lists, even though they barely listened to anything.
Hater is definitely a rising indie superstar in the making, and they’ve additionally announced another album for 2018 following this late 2017 EP, which also follows up their amazing 2017 album.