It’s JUNE, you know what that means

Yup, June 1st has passed, so of course we have even more new businesses open in the neighborhood. Let’s check em out!

Bar Mountain has quickly appeared at 383 Wyckoff Ave. They have the beer, they have the shots, they have a backyard. Destined to become a staple in the increasingly popular Myrtle-Wyckoff area that has seen several new bars appear, including The Factory 2 months ago. Fortunately, the burger is no longer $18. There is hope!

A new ramen place Chuko appeared at 144 Evergreen Ave. Menu is here

Original East Wburg cafe Boulevard recently closed, and in its place is already Barra Brava. They list themselves as Argentinian food. There’s beer, cocktails, and of course a backyard. And curiously…drink prices that are not rounded to the nearest dollar?