MDF in NYC 2017

What would you rather do, pay for hotels and travel to see bands play in a parking lot in Baltimore…. or save this vacation days and see bands for somewhat cheaper at a venue you can bike to?
Yes, MDF is here, and you don’t have to go to ‘M,’ just check out these shows in NYC, beginning this weekend!

5/21 Cryptopsy brings death metal to Saint Vitus Bar along with None So Vile, Decrepit Birth, Rivers of Nihil, the zenith passage, and The Kennedy Veil.
A night of doom on 5/24 with Conan, North at Knitting Factory.
It’s time for grind metal on 5/25 with Iron Lung, Captain Cleanoff, P.L.F., Mother Brain at Saint Vitus.
On 5/26, Finland’s noisy Oranssi Pazuzu plays Saint Vitus Bar.
Some more high profile bands at Gramercy Theater on 5/29 with Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Revocation, Withered.
Finally, of course, you can get your dose of black metal on 5/29 with Nightbringer, Worthless, Night Rite at Saint Vitus Bar.This show has been cancelled.

Siege stops in NYC for their final run of shows. 7/22 at Saint Vitus Bar.