The Factory: Even More New Local

Is the end of South Bushwick ready for an $18 burger? Hm. I haven’t tried it, so maybe it’s the BEST burger ever, who knows? I mean, I would say my own burgers are the best, but I have no restaurant nor the desire to slave in a kitchen for the endless masses.
But, it would also be more expensive than hamburgers at Roberta’s ($16), Dumont Burger ($14), and EVEN the prestigious Peter Luger ($14).
Can anyone think of a more expensive burger, other than say, some tourist trap in midtown??
Are we getting off topic? Anyway, there are $9 cocktails, and beer cans from $4. Also, the food menu is still in testing mode.
The atmosphere seems perfectly fine for date night.

The Factory is now open at 779 Wyckoff, entrance on Madison Ave.