How to get an awesome room in Bushwick, or How to beat seedy realtors / faux-realtors, Part 2

I figured it may just be time to update my last post on the subject in the run up to September 1st!
I’m doing this Craigslist room search in real time, to narrow down REAL, useful results. So, this will be a pretty legit cheat sheet.
For this search, I’ll use low end $600 high end $1000 (even though that sounds pretty expensive).

I see 483 listings under ‘rooms & shares’
First, let’s click that first tab, to change from ‘relevant’ to ‘newest.’ We wanna see the newest stuff first! No idea why this is not the default, but whatever.

We already know not to type in ‘Bushwick,’ since, these days, that could BedStuy, Ridgewood, or Connecticut and to type in our preferred train stops.
Let’s start with something useful, like:


I’m skipping Grand, since that’s a more common word that can be used to mean not Grand Street/L stop.
Posts could just say ‘Isn’t life Grand?!?! Just like my swarm of pet bees!. BTW, you’ll definitely have to feed the bees if you move in to this apartment.’

Next, what do we hate most of all on Craigslist? Overposting! There’s not much more annoying than seeing the same ads a zillion times.
Let’s see, this one guy is posting a whole lot of these ads to find you an apartment, but it’s not an actual lead on a real place, so let’s get rid of his annoying ads.
Basically, we’re looking for something unique to his ads that we can eliminate from our search. Let’s go with ‘duh’ and ‘versa’ since those are less common words.

Lorimer|Graham|Montrose|Morgan|Jefferson|Dekalb -duh -versa

OMG, that got rid of 55 ads, sweet!

OK we can see this real apartment ad here:
We can decide whether or not we like it and now we wanna eliminate all the duplicate posts, so we can find a unique identifier in those post, the address 1863 and take it out of our search.

Lorimer|Graham|Montrose|Morgan|Jefferson|Dekalb -duh -versa -1863

Yay, another 33 ads out our results!

Let’s just say we definitely don’t wanna be in Bedstuy or Ridgewood, and we think Halsey is too far, and that Clinton Hill is definitely not Bushwick.

Lorimer|Graham|Montrose|Morgan|Jefferson|Dekalb -versa -duh -1863 -clinton -bedstuy -ridgewood -halsey

Wow, 124 posts removed from the results! We are down to 272 posts!

Now there’s this guy:
I would guess Summit is a brand or something, and I’ll also guess it’s unique enough that it won’t be in more posts!
I’ll additionally guess that the previous tenants were paying way less than $1000 per room!

Lorimer|Graham|Montrose|Morgan|Jefferson|Dekalb -versa -duh -1863 -clinton -bedstuy -ridgewood -halsey -summit

We’re down to 251 posts!

OK, now I’m gonna go ahead and change the price for the non-millionaires from $1000 to say, $899.

66 posts!

Let’s decide Bedstuy is actually OK, that only brings us up to 68 posts!

And if you think credit check/application fees are huge scams (they ARE), then

Lorimer|Graham|Montrose|Morgan|Jefferson|Dekalb -versa -duh -1863 -clinton -bedstuy -ridgewood -halsey -summit -check -application

Why am I not getting paid for this?
You’re welcome!