How To Defeat Ronald Rump

Some people actually thing Rump will win. I am not one of them.
BUT, Rump is basically already winning! Rump is not trying to ‘win’ the election, but win virtually unparalleled attention and notoriety, and make a shitload of $$$$ doing so.
Consider the emotions ‘happiness,’ ‘indifference,’ and ‘anger.’ Anger is the primary instigator of getting the most amount of attention, blog articles, comments, and social shares.
In this regard, Rump has been killing it. Do you really want to contribute to increasing his profits and fame? He says something new and terrible just to make you angry and increase the wave of headlines. This has probably been the most sinister and exploitative use of social media (and all media) to date, and the absolute best thing you can do is to NOT share anything Rump-related.
The next time you’re angry due to a Rump story, the biggest middle finger you can give to him is to ignore everything Rump-related and NOT share or comment.