Bushwick Arts Festival: Statement & 2017

People who know about the Bushwick Arts Festival have greeted the idea with mixed reactions.

UPDATE: a previous version of this post had some other words for certain critics, but now the time has passed for those words to still be online 😀

For Bushwick Arts Festival, 2016 is just the beginning. To let the world know that BAF is here to stay, I’m ready to announce festival dates for next year, which will also be the first weekend of June 2017. Although year one has been based on a traditional open studios model, BAF 2017 will further distinguish itself as a unique event. It will do so by providing a brand new platform that goes farther than ever to improve the connection between artists and the greater Bushwick-East Williamsburg community and create mutually beneficial relationships. Details will be revealed later in the year.

This neighborhood deserves an art festival!
Artists deserve an art festival! On their own terms!

An arts festival.
For artists!

Submissions for participation in the 2016 festival will remain open up until the event.