Who wants a new ‘Martin Shkreli?’

Remember Shkreli, the guy who is in charge of NOT making people pay more for a drug?
Silly question, since he’s consistently been in the news. Probably mainly so blogs can cash in on user engagement – IE, internet commenters.
If you loved to comment about that guy (and buy into a fictional media narrative that ignores facts), meet the ‘Pro-Rape’ guy (hint, he’s not pro-rape), that goes by the nickname of ‘Roosh,’ who apparently has lots to say on YouTube (some of which, is actually pretty stupid).
He’s some sort of dating coach that planned several multi-city meetups for his follower types.
Anyway, supposedly he had an NYC based meetup tonight, which was then cancelled. Plenty of more info about this elsewhere, but chill and research before you break out your E-pitchforks.